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~3 week review!

Updated: May 24, 2018

So approx ~3 weeks has elapsed since we went live and I just thought I would throw up a quick blog to say how things are going.

It's been a really good start - as I mentioned in a previous blog we were up to 5 players in corp. We now have 11, with hopefully a few in the pipeline.

This is a great start and thus far has exceeded my expectations.

I had imagined that the hardest thing about setting up a corp, is getting people to believe in you - basically, you have no-one when you start out, and to be fair, are a pretty uninviting prospect; that said, it only takes one or two to believe in your concept, your propaganda, your website and so on, to get "bums on seats".

Basically, thus far, we must be doing something correct.

Now I realise that FUN inc / EBWF was fortunate enough to carry over a number of pilots from Agony Unleashed, however, we have successfully managed to recruit a few people; in addition to that I have created a "@fwend" & "@jointops" roll within discord for friends and potential recruits that may wish to fly with us.

Thus far it has been really good, and really has worked.

We have had double figures in one fleet peaking at 10 individual characters (no alts), which opens up a whole host of possibilities.

We have a new Director - NatR / Nathanial Raptor - who has been a instrumental in setting up the Forums and who has been really great to have around as I bounce ideas off him.

In addition to this, I have also created a Leadership Team - Carenthor Loon and Rom Askiras - both ex-Agonites, who have taken on these roles in an advisory and strategic capacity, and they will act as a sanity check for my decision making ... which is probably a good thing!

We have run 2 fleets a week every week this month, and i am sure in time that we will get more people offering to FC, and learning during the process.

Basically, the future looks bright for FUN inc / EBWF.

Why don't you hop onto discord, and see what we are all about - i am sure you will have FUN!

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