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+11 months!

So, I've not blogged on here in a while, so thought best to ping up a quick update.

Wow ...what a few months it has been!

FUN inc is growing!

  • We have seen month on month growth in the number of members

Our fwend network is growing.

  • We are developing an active discord community, with more than 200 active people on the discord server now.

The killboard is looking healthy.

  • We are up to 1839 kills and nearly 3507bn destroyed on the killboard.

  • We have seen month on month growth in the number of kills.

  • we are maintaining a decent killboard efficiency - in light of the fact that some of our pilots often solo, and the principal gang type is generally between 6 and 10 players where we often fight forces greater than ours. To be hitting ~75% efficiency is pretty good for a corp our size

Recruitment levels are good & activity is consistent.

  • We are up to 20 members - this has dropped slightly from the previous blog as we lost a few members before the festive break, but we have many more coming on our roams.


  • We have developed links with Spectre Fleet, Bomber Bar, and other NPSI organisations, and are now getting good exposure via them - this has created opportunities for collaobration, and we are getting great exposure in the NPSI community.

So what more can i say - FUN inc is recruiting - I am a tall FC and CEO.

Come join us - you won't regret it!

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