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[EBWF] Even Better With Friends

The best ship in eve is friendship.

Even Better With Friends [EBWF] was founded in 2018 as a safe haven for small gang pvpers after the demise of Agony Unleashed.

[EBWF] is a PVP corp, specialising in nullsec solo and small gang and microgang combat.

Killboard stats are not important to us – fun, and specifically, fun with friends is.

We are based almost entirely in nullsec [except when shopping] and are not currently aligned with any corporations or alliances.  This allows [EBWF] to roam freely, engaging whoever we like. 

We will consider temporary blue status to engage meatier targets, but on the whole, we operate on a no blue basis.

We seek well rounded, and mature adults who like PVP, and grazing on comms.

RL is very important to [EBWF] and whilst we really enjoy serious internet spaceships, we understand that RL takes priority. 

In terms of content, and activity - we try to fleet up a couple of times midweek, and outside of these times, you can do whatever you like – rat, mission, NPSI – you name it, you can do it… unless it is mining ofc (j/k). 

That said, we do however like to have our friends on fleets, so if you join [EBWF] we would like you to join us on our planned fleets – and if you do, please bring your friends!

[EBWF] is about friendship and having PVP fun with like-minded mature, respectful, and fun people.

Having fun is the aim of the game - so whether you want to make ISK or whatever in your own time, and then PVP with a bunch of good people, why don’t you come and give us a try.

There is no SP threshold, maximum or minimum, and we seek like-minded players to develop, and collaborate together whilst PVPing and having fun.

Your character will be Alpha or Omega, but more importantly, we would like to hear from you if you want a strong social and fun environment to PVP in.

Whether you’re a new player or veteran, we’re looking for quality, team players who want to contribute in building a friendly, no drama, and harmonious community.  All of our members are relatively active, and are half-decent human beings, with lives outside of the game.

join"EBWF public"chat channel in game for more information

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