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  • So what is FUN inc?
    FUN. inc. is a PVP corp, specialising in nullsec solo and small gang and microgang combat. FUN. inc. is about friendship and having PVP fun with like-minded mature, respectful, and fun people.
  • Whats does [EBWF] stand for?
    [EBWF] stands for Even Better With Friends. We chose this ticker and sub name, as EVE is better with friends.
  • Where is the FUN. inc. HQ?
    Interesting question. We are based almost entirely in nullsec [except when shopping] This allows us to roam freely, engaging whoever we like.
  • Who is the CEO?
    Keacte is CEO. In game, he is a 2004 character, who spent the best part of 4 years missioning, mining, and generally clueless as to how to actually 'play EVE'. This was until a RL work colleague introduced him to PVP and Agony Unleashed and became hooked. After a couple of short stints in Ghost in the Machine, and then Sanction, he then joined Agony Unleashed in 2009. Specialising in skirmishing, and small gang and solo, Keacte very slowly made his way up the ranks (RL > EVE), and cut his teeth with Agony Unleashed for nearly nine years until the demise of Agony Unleashed. In RL, Keacte is south UK-based, and is a rather nice guy (even if he does say so himself!), avid heavy metaller (don't get him started on Metallica), guitarist, Ironman, and Guinness drinker, and who also drinks lots of tea, and collects bookmarks and containers in game.
  • Is FUN. inc in an alliance?
    We are not currently aligned with any corporations or alliances. If you’re interested in FUN. inc. joining your alliance, or for tempoary blue status for joint ops, please contact CEO Keacte.
  • So what does FUN inc stand for?
    FUN stands for any or all of the acronyms below.... Friends United in Null Fighting United in Null Fabulous Unicorn Ninjas Fucking Useless Nobodies Although this list is non-exhaustive! Acronyms aside, come and join us, and you will soon find out what we stand for - one thing is for sure, we stand shoulder to shoulder together.
  • What sort of person are you looking for?
    We seek well rounded, and mature adults who like to PVP, and grazing on comms. There is no SP threshold, maximum or minimum, and we seek like-minded players to develop, and collaborate together whilst PVPing and having fun. ​ Your character will be Alpha or Omega, but more importantly, we would like to hear from you if you want a strong social and fun environment to PVP in. ​ Whether you’re a new player or veteran, we’re looking for quality, team players who want to contribute in building a friendly, no drama, and harmonious community. All of our members are relatively active, and are half-decent human beings, with lives outside of the game.
  • I'm an alpha character - can I join you?
    Sure - of course. However, we do expect a certain level of competence in game, in order to fully contribute to the corporation.
  • I'm thinking of joining you guys - you seem FUN - what are the pre-requisites?
    NO SP Minimum / Maximum, and your personality is the driving force. You will have a combat / PVP Focused character, who may have FC and small gang or solo experience, but are looking for - small hit and run gangs, fighting against the odds, and behind enemy lines combat. You must have the ability to use voice comms – ie. Discord, Mumble, or TS3, and be self-sufficient in game. In addition to this - you must be respectful, as we have a zero tolerance policy for drama, racism, homophobia, sexism etc, as life is too short for idiots. A keen willingness to learn and to contribute in creating content for all is also really important , not to mention the ability to follow FC orders whilst in fleet, and the wherewithal to act upon your own initiative.
  • Will I get kicked out if my killboard is red?
    Killboard stats are not important to us – fun, and specifically, fun with friends is.
  • So what can you offer me?
    We can offer you a very chilled and friendly corp who operate predominantly EU TZ, but who are looking to diversify into US TZs, and farther. We offer a feeling of belonging somewhere, where you can contribute to the dynamics, content, gangs, and day to day running of the corporation. We also offer doctrine ships on corp contracts at our deployment HQ at very reasonable prices. We also have a website, active forum, and a corporate Discord server, for pings, voice and out of game communication. Most importantly, we offer good people to fly with and loads of fun.
  • I've heard enough - I want in!
    That's great news! If you like what you have read so far, please head to the #recruitment-centre on Discord, & ping an @@recruiter for a reply & we will get back to you! ​ Alternatively, if you would like to apply to become a member of FUN. Inc. / EBWF, please click join now on the website, where you will be prompted to complete and submit an application form where leadership will consider your application to be part of the corp. Good luck!
  • I only play once a week - will that be a problem?
    No - this is not a problem. RL is very important to us, and whilst we really enjoy serious internet spaceships, we understand that RL takes priority. We do try to fleet up a couple of times midweek, and outside of these times, you can do whatever you like – rat, mission, NPSI – you name it, you can do it…
  • You rejected me before - is there any point in reapplying?
    Absolutely - some time may have elapsed, and your skillset may match our requirements more harmoniously.
  • Do you hold space or intend to?
    No - not interested! Sov. brings a whole spectrum of opportunities, however for a corp our size, it is very difficult to win, and maintain.
  • If you guys live in nullsec and don’t have a ton of blues and don't hold space, how do you ever make ISK?"
    Our pilots are independent, and responsible for making ISK on their own. When not in fleets, our pilots have trade alts, mission alts, and industry alts in empire. Others go ratting or missioning in nullsec. We expect you to be self-sufficient.
  • Do you have any rules?
    I am not one for reams and reams of rules and regulations, but adopt a common sense approach, and as such we adopt a zero tolerance policy for drama, racism, homophobia, sexism etc. I like to value each other’s ideas, styles and viewpoints, and you have every right to disagree with corp members and explain your perspective. However, you are not free to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them or the quality of this community. It does not matter what title or power you hold, you are expected to obey this rule.
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