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What We Require From You

  • NO SP Minimum / Maximum

  • your personality is the driving force

  • combat / PVP Focused Players (FCs, Small Gang, Microgang) interested in:

    • small hit and run gangs

    • fighting against the odds

    • behind enemy lines combat

    • guerilla warfare

    • the ability to use voice coms – ie. Discord, Mumble, or TS3

    • in game self-sufficiency

    • active Killboard (both red and green, & playing a few times a week)

    • respectful, zero tolerance for:

      • drama

      • racism

      • homophobia

      • sexism etc

      • idiots - life is too short for idiots

    • willingness to learn and to contribute in creating content for all

    • ability to follow FC orders whilst in fleet, but also have the wherewithal to act upon your own initiative

What We Can Offer You

  • very chilled and friendly corp

  • predominantly EU TZ, but looking to diversify into US TZs, and farther

  • a feeling of belonging somewhere, where you can contribute to the dynamics, content, gangs, and day to day running of the corporation

  • doctrine ships on corp contracts

  • corporation Discord server, for pings, voice and out of game communication

  • most importantly, we offer good people to fly with and loads of fun


join"EBWF public"chat channel in game for more information

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