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Welcome to the [EBWF] Blog

Blogging in EVE? - Who'd have thought it?

So, I've finally taken the plunge and am in the process of setting up a corporation in EVE online.

This is something that I have thought about for a LONG time.

I've always been a passenger in life.

But now this is going to be something completely new for me, and i can't wait to get the ball rolling.

I'm aiming to focus specifically on recruiting nice people to fly with.

The whole social experience of EVE online makes this game what it is for me, and there is nothing better than finding a decent group of people to fly with.

I had that in Agony Unleashed, but very sadly, that chapter for me, and the many people within Agony, is now over.

I am really looking froward to see where F.U.N. inc. takes me and those who join me.

So without further ado....

F.U.N. inc. is recruiting!

Hop on discord and speak to a recruiter today!

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