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Things are taking shape...

So, less than 3 weeks ago Agony Unleashed closed its doors, and after some soul-searching I decided to set up a new corp - F.U.N. inc. was born.

All I can say is - WOW.

What a couple of weeks I have had - it has been a massive learning curve for me, and techy stuff aside, it has already been quite a journey.

From the initial idea that I had, I have setup a website, setup a mumble server, discord, and worked closely with NatR to get the forum up and running after the WIX forum glitch, and we now are 99% ready to go live.

I think we've got a good consistent brand identity - and I hope that the content online in the website, and insta, you-tube, and twitter is coherent.

It's been a great journey thus far, and I have really enjoyed it. From the seed of an idea, into a website and now that loads of things have been setup - you-tube account, Instagram and twitter and so on. Things really are taking shape.

We've even got our member count up to five now. Yes that's five people already. Granted these were some of the remaining members of Agony Unleashed, but it is a great start and foundation for development. That said, i am not going to stop there, I am tentatively aiming to get our EU TZ numbers up to 15 in the first 3-months to help get a solid foundation for the way forward.

... we are definitely heading in the right direction, and the corp is defo taking shape very nicely.

Hopefully I have gotten things right with the technology... If however you notice something is not as it should be - or rather not how you would expect it or want it to be, please don't suffer in silence, let me know!

My end goal is to make an excellent community with no drama, including technical issues, so please let me know if there is anything that you think needs changing, tweaking, deleting, moving or whatever.

I want you to enjoy your experience with FUN. inc. / [EBWF]

I'm aiming to focus specifically on recruiting nice people to fly with - if you think you fit the bill, then you need to go here.

The whole social experience of EVE online makes this game what it is for me, and there is nothing better than finding a decent group of people to fly with.

I am really looking froward to see where F.U.N. inc. takes me and those who join me.

So without further ado....

F.U.N. inc. is recruiting!

Now stop reading - go and pew! 07

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