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Recruitment is open - why not come and join the FUN?

Our goal is to create a fun PVP environment that everyone can be proud of.

No matter how many or how few skillpoints you have, if you are a well rounded, mature adult, who likes to PVP, and grazing on comms, and is looking for a strong social and fun environment to PVP in, to help develop, and collaborate a community together whilst PVPing and having fun, then you need look no further! Whether you’re a new player or veteran, we’re looking for quality, team players who want to contribute in building a friendly, no drama, and harmonious community. All of our members are relatively active, and are half-decent human beings, with lives outside of the game.

You, and your personality is the driving force.

You will have a combat / PVP Focused character, who may have FC and small gang or solo experience, but are looking for - small hit and run gangs, fighting against the odds, and behind enemy lines combat. You must have the ability to use voice comms – ie. Discord, Mumble, or TS3, and be self-sufficient in game. In addition to this - you must be respectful, as we have a zero tolerance policy for drama, racism, homophobia, sexism etc, as life is too short for idiots.

A keen willingness to learn and to contribute in creating content for all is also really important , not to mention the ability to follow FC orders whilst in fleet, and the wherewithal to act upon your own initiative.

We can offer you a very chilled and friendly corp who operate predominantly EU TZ, but who are looking to diversify into US TZs, and farther.

We offer a feeling of belonging somewhere, where you can contribute to the dynamics, content, gangs, and day to day running of the corporation.

We also offer doctrine ships on corp contracts at our deployment HQ at very reasonable prices.

We also have a website, active forum, and a corporate Discord server, for pings, voice and out of game communication.

Most importantly, we offer good people to fly with and loads of fun.

So why delay? - JOIN TODAY!

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