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[EBWF] Even Better With Friends

Pathways in

mini-site designed to help players

get the most from eve online

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What is Pathways in EVE online?

This mini-site is designed to help players get the most from eve online, to quickly ramp up their competency, understanding of the game, highlight some of possible available gameplay and to open different opportunities whilst playing eve online.

While we can’t make you an eve online expert overnight, hopefully we can highlight some of the different available options for gameplay which you may not have explored in the past. 

This guide isn’t comprehensive, and there are many other excellent resources out there that provide broader knowledge about EVE Online, and parts of this guide may link to them as well. 

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What is Pathways in EVE online?

FUN inc is predominantly a small gang pvp corporation.

However many of us undertake some of the above ventures in order to make isk, to allow you to pvp – quite simply, without isk, how do you remain self-sufficient enough so that you can buy ships?  

The bottom line is to enable you to PVP, you need to do an element of PVE or Industry.  

Now this is not a hard and fast rule – there are other methods of isk making, but for the most part, players will predominantly do one of the above to enable them to quench their bloodlust.

This mini-site attempts to highlight some of the baseline opportunities that are available in game, providing a brief synopsis as to what is involved, how to do it, and the best pathways for success and rate of return.

Now, you may notice that I have sub-divided these opportunities into different pathways.  One noteworthy point is that this is a crude split.  
For example, in undertaking PVE, you will likely be salvaging, looting and eventually selling the items that you have gained from the PVE – likewise, with PVP – ships will be destroyed, ships can be salvaged and loot sold on the market.  

So there is no hard and fast rule with this split – PVE, Industry and PVP are effectively all intrinsically linked in a multitude of ways.

To this end, I have tried to pull each opportunity into the overall theme of the pathway.

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What is Pathways in EVE online?

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