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You will find the baseline doctrines that FUN inc [EBWF] / Even Better With Friends uses posted in these pages.

We have tried where possible to provide a narrative for each doctrine to understand how the ship is to be flown and to understand the fit.

You will not be too far off the mark if you turn up in the staging system using one of these ships.


Please use these as a reference point, and don't forget to check the discord discussion channels for specific details on any ships fittings.


If you have any concerns about a fit, please by all means message in #fwend-ops-discussion🚀 for any details!


Check for amount, paste, drones etc.


More fits will be added to this channel!


Please feel free to feedback in the #suggestions💡 channel on discord!

The main doctrines covered off are:


old school hydra principle - fast, hit and run, death by a thousand papercuts, coupled with ewar supremacy and superior grid tactics


Hornets Nest, AF Swarm

Assault frigate swarm, with support ships, logi required to maximise the effectiveness of this doctrine


Kitey Cruisers

Hyperspatial kitey cruisers, with ranged DPS


brawling stabbers, with balanced ewar, and speed

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