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ShrinkWrapped, Combat Interceptors

old school hydra principle - fast, hit and run, death by a thousand papercuts, coupled with ewar supremacy and superior grid tactics

This is a very simple but at the same time very complex doctrine to fly and fly well.

ShrinkWrapped = envelope something and secure - wrapped is a play on raptor.

Shrink - make something smaller in size - ie. Large ship into tiny pieces.

So you could say secure the enemy with superior ewar, tactics, & piloting using raptors.

The ShrinkWrapped doctrine itself was founded from the the old school hydra principle pioneered by Agony Unleashed - fast, hit and run, death by a thousand papercuts, coupled with ewar supremacy and superior grid tactics.

A hydra fleet such as ShrinkWrapped is not simply a blob of people in ships - blobs are disorganised, and often contain a poorly fitted mass of ships that rely on sheer numbers to win.


An interceptor fleet, properly configured, has the ability to destroy hostile fleets at a blink of an eye.

The combat interceptor - and in particular the Caldari Raptor - is the beast of choice for this doctrine

With its additional utility mid slot, decent damage application, and the ability to heat its MWD to nearly 7km/s makes it the clear go to inty for the FUN inc signature doctrine ShrinkWrapped.

The ShrinkWrapped doctrine regularly destroys ships far exceeding their size - regularly destroying 5BN isk on any one roam, and has even destroyed as much as 30BN isk in one single roam.


MWD is essential in this roam, as is a minimum warp speed of 7.5au/s, please also bring sufficient amounts of ammo and ranges.

It is also worth a couple of fleet members also bringin a mobile depot and spare MWD in case of ovrheat / burn out damage.

Critical mass ~15+ Aim for 20+ - anyhing more, and you can add additional support ships and logi as required.

After selecting scouts, aim for balanced EWAR, and harmonise with the following support ships:

  • Skirmish interceptors - x2/3 dependent on fleet size

  • Dictor - x2

  • Boosher - x1

  • logi -10:1 DPS to logi ratio

  • Combat prober

  • EAFs

    • hyena

    • keres

    • sentinel

Multiple Dictors & Booshers, and Logi is not mandatory - however they open up engagement opportunities.

The fleet is optimised beforehand using FUN inc fleet manager.

Logi is present to provide a buffer as any raptor gets primaried so that they can effectively warp out - the main form of defense on this fleet is to align out and warp to a random celestial.  Logi drones are the preferred choice.






mainline ship, this is a good option if you are new to this fleet


up close and personal, watch out for smartbombs and scrams


damps on hostile logi 


Also known as a tractor


cool kids fly this one


if we are missing webs this is the ship for you


if we are missing scrams and tracks this is the ship for you


if we are missing scrams and damps this is the ship for you


if we are missing scrams and MGD this is the ship for you



entry level scalpel fit, logi drones pls!

blingy scalpel fit, logi drones pls!

MJD and skirmish link

Dual links, Armour & Hull Reps, and Probes (probes & hull rep offline)

Hound, covert cyno courtesy of Muon




MWD, scram, MSE, & blasters


MWD, scram & web, MSE, & RL

MWD, scram & web, MSE, & 150 autos

MWD, point, pulses, & SAAR


ShrinkWrapped+ aka. kikiMOARpower / KinkyWrapped

We have seen over at least 100 roams where we have reached critical mass for Raptors and engaged far superior forces and sized ships.  However, there have been instances where we have lacked DPS and had to disengage far larger ships - Marauders, Capitals, and Supers, and so on.

To this end, in our continued attempt to evolve this fleet concept, we will look to further integrate some heavier hitting ships that can harmonise with the existing ShrinkWrapped doctrine - this has lead to the evolution of ShrinkWrapped+ aka. kikiMOARpower / KinkyWrapped.

These fits allow a degree of additional ewar, whilst at the same time adding an additional 260 DPS pre-spool, and 650 DPS spooled.  Once a critical mass of 30 raptors is achieved in a fleet, with balanced ewar, look to add an additional Kikimora wing on a 3:1 raptor:kiki basis.  Assuming a fleet of 30 raptors, and 10 Kikimoras, the pre-spooled DPS is approximately 10K for the fleet, rising to a spooled DPS profile of 14K for the fleet assuming short range ammo.  The usual DPS output of a fleet of 40 raptors is approximately 10K DPS.  In using the kikimoras, we are issuing a further ~4K DPS per 10 Kikimoras we have on grid.

Warp speed is 7.39AU/s and grid MWD speed is 2451m/s, and up to 3457m/s with overheat, so can for the most part keep up with the Raptors moving between system, but are slightly slower on grid.

When landing on grid of a heavy / high value target, Kikimoras should by default load long range ammo, and maintain a wide orbit.  Once the target is locked down, only then should the Kikimora narrow their orbit and load higher damage application ammo.  Damps, Tracks, MGD, paints and Jams are the key ewar modules to have fitted, however fits are provided for point, scram and web variants.

All Kikimora fits require the following warp speed implant to keep up with the Raptors: Eifyr and Co. 'Rogue' Warp Drive Speed WS-608

Max skill pilots required - level 5 for this ship only please!

Situational awareness on this ship is key, and is brought along to this fleet at the users own risk - prepare to fly - prepare to die!

ShrinkWrapped+ aka. kikiMOARpower / KinkyWrapped


Kikimora - Triglavian Collective Precursor Destroyer


A light, long-range combat ship that may be considered the Collective's approach to standoff destroyer designs, the Kikimora is another Triglavian design that has proven adaptable to capsuleer technology, as with previously recovered examples of ship architecture recovered from Abyssal Deadspace.

As with other light combat vessels in the Triglavian lineup, the Kikimora is capable of mounting Light Entropic Disintegrators and an array of support weapons such as energy neutralizers and pulse weapons. The ship also has a long-range remote repair capability.

Kikimora Subclade of Svarog Clade revised adaptation schema for cladeship of the 9 tactical troika classification has been accepted for imprinting in advancing-time generations after reverse-time reclamation following audience communion with reverse-time proving from ancient noema. Tactical subrole dispersal is subject to suspended-time pressure contingent on proving anew. – partial translation of data included in recovered design schematics of the Kikimora

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