29 Dec 2018




Frigate Free For All




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  • FUN inc are proud to present, the 2018 Christmas Frigate Free For All.

  • Please make your way Reisen and install a deathclone.

  • Form up will be from 19:30 eve time on 29th December 2018 where free frigates will be traded with you.

  • 3 rounds are planned and you will be provided at least one brawling or kitey frigate.

  • Once form up is complete, we will move to an undisclosed system as a fleet.

  • You may only use the free frigates/fits provided - click the link above right for details of fits provided.

  • Alpha & Omega Accounts welcome, but if you are an Alpha account, please message Alhira Katserna on our public discord channel to sort out ships and fittings tailored to your skillset. Please make sure to do this latest two hours before fleet starts to allow for this process and shipping as there won´t be time during formup.

  • Upon entering the fight system, all fleet will hold cloak.

  • On command everybody will decloak and the fight will start immediately.

  • The maximum distance allowed from the gate is 100km.

  • All people on grid are valid targets, and if neutrals enter the system they are valid targets too.

  • Warping off at any time or jumping the gate is considered a loss, and you will be ordered back to gate for sacrifice.

  • The referee's decision is final!

  • Expect to have fun, & expect to die!


  • There will be a a prize pot available!

  • If you want to sponsor this event, or wish to donate isk to the prize fund pot, or if you have a particular prize in mind, please message Keacte or Alhira Katserna on our public discord channel to discuss.

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